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"Selling our house in Brookline was made incredibly easy by Ezra and Kathy. They were careful to understand our circumstances, and tailor their process around our needs. They coordinated contractors and services quickly with consideration of our budget, and made sure to keep us informed throughout the process. In addition, their knowledge of the market saved us substantial time and money. I cannot imagine more professional and communicative agents, I have only the highest recommendation for them and the firm."

-- Cole L., December 2019

“Our tremendous admiration and gratitude for your expert handling of the sale of our house continues and always will.  Your plan of how to proceed reflected your expertise, and your ability to guide everyone through the plan was such an impressive combination of skill and thoughtfulness. You saw that the house had gotten to be more than its senior citizen, empty-nester owners could handle, and because you have such fine and long-established working relationships with the recommended contractors, you were able to rescue it and us and ‘get it all together’ in the depths of winter to be ready for the very opening of the market season, with such impressive results. 

“The contractors were so terrific that we even enjoyed the chance to know them despite the chaos of our exit.  In addition, you were wonderfully responsive to our complicating wish to reach out to the friends of our fine neighbors.  The upshot of it all is that you not only maximized our earnings from the sale so we can afford our retirement, but you also benefited the neighborhood by attracting residents who will strengthen it and by seeing that a worthy old house is getting the new lease on life that it deserves.”

-- Ann C. and Frank H., October 2018


“I met Ezra Stillman during a prolonged period of tremendous change in my life. Throughout this time, he was unfailingly helpful in offering sound advice on selling my old home. And when it finally came time to buy my new one, he helped me quickly narrow the options, negotiate the offer, and secure a great deal – one better than I could have imagined, and for a house I love. Ezra is professional, kind, and expert, both in real estate and in understanding what clients really need. I can’t imagine a better broker.”

-- Louise K., September 2018

“By way of background, I’ve been involved, both as a buyer and a seller, in many real estate transactions, both residential and commercial, over many years, so I’ve had occasion to work with a number of brokers.  Prior to selecting Ezra to handle the 2017 sale for me in Newton, I also first obtained recommendations in that area and then interviewed several highly regarded brokers from different agencies.  

“During the selection process, Ezra impressed me as being far and away the most creative and personable individual with whom I met.  He was the only one who came up with an alternative and value-enhancing sales and marketing approach beyond just putting the home immediately on the market ‘as is.’   Once selected, his style was incredibly hands-on and diligent; he was quick to make course corrections as might be helpful; he timed and carried off very successful open houses; he was smart and helpful during the bidding and negotiation process and I am convinced that the result was a very fast sale that added a great deal of value to the rather uncreative approach proposed by the other brokers.  He was also accessible and easy to communicate with throughout the process. 

‘If there were any negatives to dealing with Ezra I would tell you.  There weren’t.  He was absolutely first rate.” 

-- Peter J., April 2018